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CNN didn't mention this [11 Sep 2007|09:31am]
A few days ago, a 22 year old student from Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, was killed by a 41 year old American, at Roosendaal trainstation.

With a small ax.

What came out recently is that the American brought his weapon intending to kill a soldier.

Preferably one that served in Iraq.

Because the American was against the war.

Another addition to your fucking death toll.

That murderous American is no better than the man he's really angry with.
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[28 Apr 2007|02:23pm]
...and I finally just don't care anymore.
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This LJ... [24 Apr 2007|05:59pm] going public again. Not every post of course - not everyone has to know about everything - but most of it, yeah. Public :)

I expect to post more (and pick up on commenting again) after May 11th (my research presentation is up then and life should quiet down more - worklife anyway hehe).

Have a wonderful evening!
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